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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soyrizo Migas I made this weekend!

So my dad and step-mom are pretty much complete vegetarians. They changed their eating habits a few years ago and haven't stopped to look back. My dad is always telling me about some new soy product they discovered or something they made. He told me about a product called, "soyrizo" sometime awhile back. Soyrizo is made by different companies, but I always tend to find Reynaldo's soyrizo at the 99 cent only store. This store actually carries a lot of food now and I try to shop there before going to the larger chain grocery stores. You just have to be careful and read labels because some of the stuff may be expired.

I went to the 99 cent only store last Saturday and they apparently get a big food shipment in on Saturday mornings. Saturday is the day to go. I bought some soyrizo on my last trip. I decided to cook migas with soyrizo this past Sunday.

I started out with some olive oil in a pan and cut up some yellow onion. I sauteed those for awhile. I cut up corn tortillas in pieces while the onion was cooking. I added the corn tortillas and let those cook for awhile.

Once those had cooked, I added Reynaldo's soyrizo to the mix. It's basically already ready. It just needs to get mixed in and warmed up. I mixed up my eggs while this was cooking.

Next, I added my egg mixture to the pan. Cook thoroughly.

Then, I added a can of Mexican style canned tomatoes. Stir everything up.

I added some refried black beans with white cheese and fresh fruit. Wa la, breakfast is ready! It was really yummy too!