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Monday, September 19, 2011

Full, busy weekend.

This weekend was no different than most of our weekends. I try to keep Dominic busy because he's such a spaz if we sit inside all day. Friday evening, we went to Chuy’s for dinner. I ordered their Baja taco's, which is their version of fish taco's. Yum!
Saturday, Justin had to work (he's a hair stylist and Saturday's are normally his busy day). Dominic and I walked Hana and then we went to eat breakfast at Empire Cafe. Empire Cafe is a coffee house/restaurant/place to chill. It's been open for a very long time and I think it used to be an old gas station or something. Anyway, I ordered their Migas for breakfast. I tend to think I'm a Migas connoisseur, but I was truly not impressed with their version. I think it needed more eggs or something. Looked really good though:
Dominic was a spaz all throughout breakfast. We were sitting on the patio and he would get up from his seat and start chasing the poor pigeons around. He makes me really upset when he does that. Ugh! We were going to go to the park after we ate, but it started to rain. We ended up going to Blockbuster video and renting some movies.

The rest of the day was pretty chill. We didn't do anything yesterday. I love weekends!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soyrizo Migas I made this weekend!

So my dad and step-mom are pretty much complete vegetarians. They changed their eating habits a few years ago and haven't stopped to look back. My dad is always telling me about some new soy product they discovered or something they made. He told me about a product called, "soyrizo" sometime awhile back. Soyrizo is made by different companies, but I always tend to find Reynaldo's soyrizo at the 99 cent only store. This store actually carries a lot of food now and I try to shop there before going to the larger chain grocery stores. You just have to be careful and read labels because some of the stuff may be expired.

I went to the 99 cent only store last Saturday and they apparently get a big food shipment in on Saturday mornings. Saturday is the day to go. I bought some soyrizo on my last trip. I decided to cook migas with soyrizo this past Sunday.

I started out with some olive oil in a pan and cut up some yellow onion. I sauteed those for awhile. I cut up corn tortillas in pieces while the onion was cooking. I added the corn tortillas and let those cook for awhile.

Once those had cooked, I added Reynaldo's soyrizo to the mix. It's basically already ready. It just needs to get mixed in and warmed up. I mixed up my eggs while this was cooking.

Next, I added my egg mixture to the pan. Cook thoroughly.

Then, I added a can of Mexican style canned tomatoes. Stir everything up.

I added some refried black beans with white cheese and fresh fruit. Wa la, breakfast is ready! It was really yummy too!