Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm getting a new banner and avatar for my Esty shop! Yay!

When I first opened my Etsy shop, I purchased a banner package from a graphic artist on Etsy. I like the banner and avatar quite well. I think the artist did a great job, but I've had the same banner since 2007/2008. I'm finding that I'm bored with it and want a change. I mean, it is 2011 after all.

I received my weekly Etsy Success email yesterday and two of the articles really made me realize I needed to make a few changes to my Etsy shop. The article can be found here. One article talked about the importance of having a banner and avatar. Well, I have both and they're cute, but I need something new.

This morning I logged onto Etsy and searched out some new banner/avatar packages. There are many graphic artists on Etsy who bundle Etsy shop starter kits. I ended up purchasing two different kits from MiPrincess . She sells nothing but banner & avatar kits and her prices are super duper reasonable. Her work is cute, she is very accommodating with your font choices and she gets your purchase to you quickly upon your approval. I highly recommend her work! Here's my new banner!