Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yogurtland Rocks!

The new rage of sweet shops to visit in Houston is yogurt shops. One of my most favorite yogurt shops is Yogurtland.

I've been to other yogurt shops here in Houston and they're all basically the same. I stumbled upon Yogurtland one day and they seem to have a better variety of yogurt. They have tart frozen yogurts, which I love, but they also have other normal flavors such as chocolate and strawberry. All of their yogurt is self serve and they have a topping bar near the checkout. The topping bar includes things such as granola, fresh fruit and candy. I love chocolate covered sunflower seeds and typically spoon on some of those with some blueberries (I know it probably sounds pretty gross, but it tastes really yummy!).

Dominic and I went to Yogurtland after visiting the zoo yesterday and each got a yogurt and sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon.

If you like frozen yogurt and haven't been to Yogurtland, you need to go. They weigh your cup and their price is the best around-and, they have the best flavors around. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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