Monday, February 7, 2011

Frequently asked questions about Etsy by Emily Birdwell

I signed up for Etsy’s daily guide to handcrafted style awhile back. I get an email every day of the week, or almost every day. Most of the emails are themed to a specific item or color, but they always include a variety of items within that genre from different sellers on Etsy.

Today's selection of items was put together by Emily Birdwell, Etsy's Merchandising Specialist. Emily was Etsy’s sixth employee and has basically been with Etsy from the beginning.

As I was reading over the email and her selections, I decided to read more about Emily and visited her shop announcement.

She has a lot of great frequently asked questions about Etsy noted in her announcement. Things that are good for all Etsy sellers to know. Things that will make you and your shop more successful. I highly recommend clicking here to learn more.

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